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Nominate Artists for Super Bowl Weekend >
Nominate Artists for Super Bowl Weekend >

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Today's Performance Options for Artists

Audition for FREE!

-A cappella, no music 30 sec to 1 min
-Be evaluated by judges
-Have an opportunity to perform a full show at a later date
-Sign up at the registration table

Perform a Full Show!

-Full Show, Perform Your Hottest Song
-Your chance to win up to $100,000 in Cash/Prizes
-Your chance to receive a deal with Equity Distribution Under Roc Nation
-Your chance to perform BET Weekend LA 2023
-Register with at least $100 (10 nominations) at the check-in table
NOTE: If you are already received nominations to perform, report to the check-in table 

Sponsor Artists for Points!

Fans can sponsor any artist they want for $2 per ticket. Each sponsor ticket adds 20 pts to their score. 
Each sponsor ticket also awards you a raffle tickets for prizes!

Earn More Points from Judges & Attendance!

-Artists receive Up to 50,000 Pts from the Judges Panel
-Artists also receive 5 points for each fan that attends today. Make sure fans say your artist name at the check-in table 

What's Next?

Artists, Models & Actors, Business Owners, Job Seekers

TUESDAY 10/04/22

Season 2022-2023 Artists:
Start working on your Black Love Freestyle  and be ready to submit it!

Conference Breakout Rooms

Something for Everyone!

Come Audition for the following:

-Your chance to open up for DJ Envy at the After-Party
-Your chance to perform Super Bowl Weekend in Phoenix, AZ
-Your chance to perform BET Awards Weekend in LA 2023
-Your chance to win up to $100,000 in Cash/Prizes
-Learn much money can an artist earn in the film industry with sync licensing.