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Music Promo Membership Terms & Guidelines

Last Updated: May 18, 2024

1. Introduction:

Welcome to the Music Promo Membership at 2HotRadio! These Terms & Guidelines are created to ensure that all members have equal access to our services and that the system runs smoothly for everyone.

2. Membership Access:

  • Members are entitled to unlimited access to the specified services.
  • Access is subject to fair use, as described below.

3. Fair Use Policy:

  • Members can seek contact team for assistance at any time
  • The goal for responses to inquiries and feedback requests is 1-3 business days. However, busier times can lead to delayed responses.
  • Abuse of services may result in temporary or permanent suspension of membership.

4. Sync Licensing and Other Services:

  • All services, including Sync Licensing, will be provided according to the descriptions outlined on our website.
  • Requests for special services outside of the described offerings may incur additional fees.

5. Mediating Interpersonal Conflicts:

  • We provide assistance in resolving disputes between members.
  • Members are expected to engage respectfully and follow our conflict resolution procedures.

6. Subscription and Cancellation:

  • Members can cancel their subscription at any time.

7. Privacy and Security:

  • Personal information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • Members are responsible for maintaining the security of their account.

8. Limitations of Liability:

  • 2HotRadio will not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages arising from the use or inability to use the services.

9. Changes to Terms & Guidelines:

  • We reserve the right to modify these Terms & Guidelines at any time.
  • Continued use of the membership after changes signifies acceptance of the new terms.

10. Contact Information:


Promotional Guidelines for 'Premium Events'

Participation in the 'Premium Events' promotional program at is subject to adherence to the following guidelines to ensure a professional and mutually beneficial experience:

  1. Brand Alignment:

    • Promotional content should align with the brand and image of both 2HotTickets and the event being promoted, avoiding any misrepresentation.
  2. Content Standards:

    • All promotional content must remain professional, respectful, and free of offensive material, with accurate event information.
  3. Intellectual Property:

    • Intellectual property rights must be respected; use of copyrighted material without authorization is prohibited.
  4. Social Media Conduct:

    • Promotions on social media platforms must comply with those platforms' guidelines and terms of service.
  5. Transparency:

    • The affiliate relationship with 2HotTickets should be disclosed as appropriate.
  6. Reporting and Analytics:

    • Promotional efforts must be tracked and reported accurately.
  7. Compliance with Laws:

    • All promotional activities must comply with relevant laws and regulations.
  8. No Spam Policy:

    • Ethical promotional methods are required, avoiding spam and respecting audience preferences.

Right to Program Termination: 2HotTickets reserves the right to revoke access to the Premium Events promotion program for non-compliance with these guidelines. This includes any form of brand misrepresentation, inappropriate conduct, use of offensive material, or intellectual property rights violations. The aim is to maintain a respectful, fair, and legally compliant promotional environment.

Adherence to these guidelines is crucial for a successful and productive participation in the Premium Events promotional program.


***By subscribing to the Music Promo Membership, you agree to abide by these Terms & Guidelines.