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FREE Promotion

Promote your business for FREE, to 10,000+ monthly listeners, whenever you want! With Elite Business Shout Outs on the 2HotRadio App. Promote upcoming events, specials, new products and services or anything you choose! See the instructions below.

Step 1

Download the 2HotRadio App. It's available on the IOS App Store and Android's Google Play.

Download here >

Step 2

Go to the menu bar and click Shout-out. Record whatever you would like to promote. Don't worry, we'll edit it, to make you sound great! Be sure to enter your business name in the box.

Step 3

Send us a text message at 470-592-8763 to confirm that you sent your shout-out. (Only shout outs from Business Elite Members are guaranteed to air, so we need to be alerted to look for your shout out)  Once we retrieve your shout out and verify your Elite Status, then we'll let you know when your shout out will air.

For help contact us here >