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Austin Update

This message is to inform all performers, guests, and fans that the Who Wants to Make It Showcase in Austin TX on March 14th will continue as planned. We are a faith based company - we move on faith, not fear. We believe that now is a very important reminder that daily life must go on as much as possible. Additionally, we believe music has the power to encourage and uplift the world, so the show must go on!

We are aware that SXSW has cancelled their festivities due to rising concerns over the spread of the COVID-19. To be clear, Who Wants to Make It is a separate event, not directly affiliated with SXSW. Additionally, SXSW brings in a lot of international guests, which is part of what led to their decision to cancel, according to reports.

Who Wants to Make It is more of a regional event, and is more long term as it leads the top participants to the Awards Weekend in LA this June.

Our mission is to ensure that all artists have an opportunity and platform to showcase their skills, so we have made the decision to continue as planned. We will be monitoring the situation and take all necessary precautions to ensure a safe and fun experience for all artists and guests involved.

See you soon!

2HotRadio Team