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The Next Step

Schedule your FREE Audition (in person or over Zoom)
for your chance to perform at one of our upcoming events!

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You're not being judged.

Right now, we just want to make sure you're serious about this opportunity, so this is open to talent of all skill levels. The audition only will be about 60 sec.

You don't even need music.

Sing or rap with music or a cappella. Producers can play tracks or introduce themselves. Models & Actors can perform a brief monologue. 

All ages are welcome.

We do not discriminate by age. All events are family friendly and welcome to all! 

What happens after the audition?

Our team will review just to make sure you're serious about this opportunity. If accepted, then you'll be contacted within a few days by email or phone! 

Enjoy Lifetime Performance Eligibility.

Once you have auditioned and been accepted, you have lifetime eligibility, which means you wont have to audition any more for future performances!