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Book your performance during
Big Game Weekend. 

Share the stage with the biggest names in entertainment & grow your fan base.

Ready to perform in Las Vegas? Slots are limited!

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Voted #1 Platform by A&R's & Executives

Come perform alongside other like minded artists, in order to grow your fan base, gain the respect of your followers, and compete for up to $100,000 in cash & prizes. Slots are extremely limited.

Be the star of your own show

This platform gives you the opportunity promote your own show, to your own fan base...this is NOT an open mic! Plus you'll earn points for future benefits.

You can skip out of pocket performance fees with at least 20 nominations. 

We're here to help.

This project is called "Who Wants to Make it" which means we're not waiting for you to "get on". Unlike others, we support you BEFORE you make it!

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A Five Star Weekend.

When you tell your fans & followers that you're performing during a major Weekend, your status instantly grows.

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Memorable Moments.

This experience delivers opportunities for exclusive photo ops and interactive challenges that put your skills to the test.

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Learn Independence.

Learn how to thrive without a record label, from pre-promotion, to ticket sales, to creating your show mix and everything in between! You'll learn who your true supporters are!

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Connect with like-minded individuals from all walks of life, worldwide. Many people say the networking alone is worth the investment!

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Be inspired.

Enjoy the experience and watch others "Be great". Then, be inspired to step your game up and do the same! 

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Here's what previous performers have to say...

It's levels to this...

To perform all you need is 20 nominations at $20 each in 21 days. However, as you continue to receive nominations, the benefits increase. 

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Travel Assistance.

Need help with your travel arrangements to LA? Our travel website (2HotTravel) helps you get the best prices on hotels! We can also assist with air travel & ground transportation! 

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