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Become an Music Promo Member. Get booked to post on social media. Every time you post, you get paid!

All for just $9.99 / month. Cancel Anytime.

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As soon as you join, your profile is active in a couple days! Set your own price. Keep 100% of your earnings!

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What is the Music Promo Membership?


The Music Promo Membership helps you turn your personal brand into profit. Brand need to reach people, so they'll pay you to post their content. As your audience grows you earn more money!

Unlimited Potential.

Imagine turning your personal brand into real earnings, just like Angel Reese. NIL Deals are about more than just endorsements; they're a chance to connect your unique talents and persona with brands that resonate with you. Dive into the world of NIL Deals and see how far your brand can soar.

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Why Join?

  • Increased Recognition & Visibility
  • Connect & Collaborate With Other Influencers
  • We provide a trust layer between the influencer and the buyer
  • Operational Support - Customer Service, marketing efforts, tech maintenance

Big Dreams, Even for Small Fan-bases

Don't sweat the follower count. Whether you're just starting out or already doing numbers, our Music Promo Membership is your gateway to partnerships that make sense for where you are right now. You set the price so charge whatever you feel you're worth. 

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Grow Your Brand, Get Paid to Post

Begin with us on the  Influencer list right away. As your audience grows, syou can charge more. We'll guide you through boosting your online presence. With us, it's all about getting you ready for the big league—simple steps, big leaps, real cash. 

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Here's what other artists have to say...

Additional Benefits.

GUARANTEED AIRPLAY on 2HotRadio The Party App. Plus, save 30% on performance slots and marketing services. Get access to members only zoom calls and a full resource library. 

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Risk FREE.

Get INSTANT access to your Music Promo team today. No risk, cancel at anytime.

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Experience Speaks Volumes

As an official third-party ticket provider, we've been connecting with major artists and major events for years. This opportunity is another example of our dedication to idie artists like you. See more events here >

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