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Your Audition is Confirmed. Optional: Upgrade to a Performance 

Take your audition to the next level. Instead of just auditioning for a judge, perform on stage in front of a filmed studio audience and executives. This provides additional exposure during and after the audition. 

Ready to upgrade now? Works for both In-Person & Virtual.

Upgrade to a Performance
Bump the line as a VIP

Not Just An Audition, A Performance.

By upgrading, you're not just auditioning - you're performing. This gives you the chance to showcase your talents in front of a wider audience.

Upgrade to a Performance

For Serious Singers & Actors

This upgrade is for dedicated singers and actors looking for an edge, an extra platform, and who want their talent to be seen by the masses.

Upgrade to a Performance

The Upgrade Process

Simply pay a $20 upgrade fee for the Performance option, or go VIP for $40 to jump the queue. Both options work for in-person and virtual performers.

Upgrade to a Performance

Upgrade to VIP >

What Comes After

There will be winners both selected by the panel and by "Viewer's Choice" based on publicly viewed submissions. Secure your spot in the Viewer's Choice Selection simply with a performance upgrade. After your performance, you'll be able to submit an additional link for us to post publicly for the Viewer's Choice selection.

Upgrade to a Performance

Trusted by Industry Insiders

We've got Brian Jones of Love & Hip-Hop and Patrick Dugger from Tyler Perry Studios on board. With their eyes on you, believe in the exposure and opportunities this platform provides!

Upgrade to a Performance

Your Insider Access to the Selection Panel.

With a performance upgrade, you'll receive an extended review of your talent and additional marketing to help you become the Viewer's Choice!

Upgrade to a Performance

Become a VIP.

Bump the line and be the first to be seen during the audition process! This option may not be available on the day of the audition.  

Upgrade to a VIP Performance